Happy Brother’s Day!


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It’s May 24th, Brother’s Day.  Today you can celebrate your male sibling(s) and the wonderful bond that you share.  Brother’s Day honours brothers and their contributions to each and every one of their families. It seeks to celebrate the bond between brothers and its significance.  So, go on, give your brother a hug, take him out for drink or at least give him a call and let him know you’re thinking about him today!



My family discovered Brother’s Day last year.  Our boys were thrilled as they thought it was their equivalent to Mother’s Day or Father’s Day and that we’d be showering them with gifts. 😂😄

Once they got over that misguided notion, they were happy to accept that it’s simply a day where they can celebrate being brothers and wish one another well.  They wrangled a fast food meal out of us as apparently nothing says ‘I love my brothers’ like fries and fried chicken!  They’ve made it a bit of a tradition now.  The day is marked on the calendar and they woke up early to wish one another Happy Brother’s Day and to remind their parents that they want McDonald’s for dinner 🙈


I wish I could say that the love and goodwill translated to a calm morning of peaceful cheer as they got ready to start their day.  But, in true brotherly fashion the arguments and fights over which toys belonged to whom continued.  Ah well… the joys of being brothers… and being a parent to three boys under 8!



If you have a brother, be sure to tell him something nice today, even if it’s just via a whatsapp message.  Speaking of which… gotta go call mine…

¡Feliz Dia de Hermano!

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