Pablo Neruda’s “The Sea”

The sea, the ocean, the beach is a part of my soul.  Some of my happiest memories are tied to the sea.  I’ve sat on the sand and pondered life.  I’ve walked along the shore and felt peace.  I’ve gazed out into the horizon and felt melancholy.  I’ve played in the water and experienced utter joy.  I’ve marvelled at the expanse and power of the ocean and I’ve revelled in beauty of sea.

I need the sea because it teaches me…

What it taught me before, I keep. It’s air

ceaseless wind, water and sand.

This poem is a beautiful ode to the give and take of sea.  To me, the ocean is presented as a reflection of life itself.

The sense of wonder captured by this poem is present in the rhythm of both the English and Spanish versions.


The Sea by Pablo Neruda

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El Mar por Pablo Neruda

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Hope you also have fond memories of time spent at the seaside.

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6 thoughts on “Pablo Neruda’s “The Sea”

      1. Thank you, Kim. I hope that this problem can be resolved soon.

  1. I’ve written a poem about the sea too:

    I’ve seen waves crushing on the beach
    Peebles being submerged without their will
    Water making sure to leave its mark on the sand
    While the sun sends its moist into oblivion
    And all starts again with water imposing its existence
    While fate wants these marks to vanish from it
    I’ve seen waves crushing on the beach
    Peebles being submerged without their will
    Grains of salt taking place among the rocks
    While water try to dissolve them by its force
    Yet grains of salt endure the shock by holding together
    When the new wave crushes on the peebles
    trying to leave its mark under the sun’s will

    1. I love it. Thanks so much for sharing.
      Peebles being submerged without their will… I like that line.

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