Lesson 7: Numbers, Days and Months


Bienvenidos a la clase de español.

Today we’re going to focus on numbers one to forty, the days of the week and the months of the year.  Soon you’ll be ready to discuss days, dates and ages!

Count to 40!

1 Uno 21 Veintiuno
2 Dos 21 Veintidós
3 Tres 23 Veintitrés
4 Cuatro 24 Veinticuatro
5 Cinco 25 Veinticinco
6 Seis 26 Veintiséis
7 Siete 27 Veintisiete
8 Ocho 28 Veintiocho
9 Nueve 29 Veintinueve
10 Diez 30 Treinta
11 Once 31 Treinta y uno
12 Doce 32 Treinta y dos
13 Trece 33 Treinta y tres
14 Catorce 34 Treinta y cuatro
15 Quince 35 Treinta y cinco
16 Dieciséis 36 Treinta y seis
17 Diecisiete 37 Treinta y siete
18 Dieciocho 38 Treinta y ocho
19 Diecinueve 39 Treinta y nueve
20 Veinte 40 Cuarenta


Accent Alert: Note the accents on numbers 16, 22, 23 and 26!

I’d say the numbers 1 to 15 are the most unique numbers to learn.  After that all numbers build off of numbers 1 to 10.

10 + 6 = 16     |     diez + seis = dieciséis

10 + 7 = 17     |     diez + siete = diecisiete  


20 + 1 = 21     |     veinte + uno = veintiuno 

20 + 2 = 22     |     veinte + dos = veintidós


30 + 1 = 31     |     treinta + uno = treinta y uno

30 + 2 = 32     |     treinta + dos = treinta y dos



Watch this cute, lively video to listen to the pronunciation of the numbers in Spanish.

Days of the Week:  Los Días de la Semana

Monday Lunes
Tuesday Martes
Wednesday Miércoles
Thursday Jueves
Friday Viernes
Saturday Sábado
Sunday Domingo


The planetary connection:  The days of the week in Spanish are etymologically linked to the planets.

  • Monday or Lunes comes from the word moon
  • Tuesday or Martes (Mars)
  • Wednesday Miércoles (Mercury)
  • Thursday Jueves (Jupiter)
  • Friday Viernes (Venus)
  • Saturday Sábado comes from the word of Hebrew origin, that refers to theSabbat“ and Subday Domingo come from a Latin word that means “the day of the God.”


Watch this Señor Jordan video for learning the days of the week.

Months of the Year: Meses del Año

January Enero
February Febrero
March Marzo
April Abril
May Mayo
June Junio
July Julio
August Agosto
September Septiembre
October Octubre
November Noviembre
December Diciembre



Watch this short, cute song


That’s a lot of new vocabulary in this post.  Keep practicing it over the next week and then we’ll reconvene to build on it!

Writing the Date: The Formula

When writing dates in Spanish use the following construction:

el + number (date) + de + month


Next Lesson: Asking for and giving the date


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