2 Week Hiatus

Hi All,

Thanks very much for following, commenting and liking over the past few months.   I have some comments to reply to from over the last week and will get to them soon… I promise!

Unfortunately, things have been a bit hectic on my end.  There’s a stomach bug making its rounds through the family just in time for the beginning of the new school year, of course!  As we battle through that and I settle into my new teaching semester and help the boys settle into their new school term, I’ll need to take a mini-break from the blog and blog-hopping.

By mid-September we should be back to some sort of normalcy and I can re-commence regular blog posts.  I’m looking forward to reconnecting with you all then.


See ya soon!


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I am a Latin American Studies teacher, teaching Latin American History and Politics and Basic Spanish. I love reading, writing, teaching and travelling.  Travel over the Andes with me to explore the diverse culture of Latin America.

11 thoughts on “2 Week Hiatus

  1. Aww, sorry to hear you and yours haven’t been well. And yes. it just had to happen around the beginning of the school year. It’s just one of those things.

    Take care! I’m looking forward to your return. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the info. We are tied up with other issues on our end and have not posted in almost a month. At this time we are working on how to come back without having to explain much. The worst time to have to deal with illness is at the beginning of any school year. Best to you and yours for a speedy move towards wellness and balance. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks so very much.
      I hope you are able to work out a solution. Or maybe just a hi, we’re back post? I’m sure your readers will be pleased just to have you back.

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