Pablo Neruda’s Here I Love You

Here I Love you is a poem about love once again.  This time our poet speaks to his departed beloved.  She has gone ‘there’  while he remains ‘here’.  The sadness that echoes through the line Sometimes I get up early and even my soul is wet is richly melancholic.  He sends her his messages of love but waits for the reply that never comes…

Here I love you

Listen to a reading of Here I Love You

And the original Spanish version…

In this version my favourite line is Ya me veo olvidado como estas viejas anclas.  Without his beloved’s affection and companionship, our poet feels forgotten, unwanted, useless… like old ships’ anchors.

Aquí te amo..png

You can listen to the reading of Aquí te amo.

I really enjoyed both the Spanish and English versions of this poem/ poema.  But maybe it’s the perfect music that accompanies the Spanish version or the voice of the reader himself… I found myself for more entranced by that version.

Hope you enjoy them both!

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5 thoughts on “Pablo Neruda’s Here I Love You

  1. “Here I love you and the horizon hides you in vain.” I love how this line feels like someone desperately reaching for someone who isn’t there.

    I listened to both versions and I like the Spanish narrator’s voice better. It has a vague Jeremy Irons sound to it that I kind of like. 😀

  2. Both versions are lovely to the ears, but I love the English narrator’s voice!

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