Pablo Neruda’s “Leaning Into The Afternoons”

Leaning into the afternoons is another poem about love by Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda.  The first time I read it, I got a sense of an older person talking to his love.  Perhaps senility was playing its ugly hand and taking his love away bit by bit.

The “experts” seem to have other ideas, however.  They speak of this poem as another example of unrequited or lost love.  The poet is unable to grasp and hold the attention of his beloved.  Maybe, he even lost his chance of love with her some time in the past.


What does this poem say to you?  Perhaps, you’d also like to read it in the original Spanish?

las tardes.png

You can listen to the reading of Inclinado en las tardes.


I tried to find an English reading of this poem but couldn’t find one that I liked enough to share.  But just listening to the rhythm of the words, even if you don’t understand Spanish can help you understand the deep longing embedded in this poem.

Hope you loved it!

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11 thoughts on “Pablo Neruda’s “Leaning Into The Afternoons”

  1. When I was listening to the reading, I imagined the narrator kneeling beside his beloved as she’s either lying in a bed or sitting in a rocker and he’s just unleashing his soul, trying to reach her.

  2. I read the poem first, then your take on it. I thought the same thing as you. Neruda is one of my favorite poets. We visited his house in Santiago when we visited. Very imaginative!

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