FRIDAY CANCIÓN: Spanish Valentine’s Day lesson using Frío Frío by Juan Luis Guerra

Hola mis amigos.  ¡Es viernes!

We’re using today’s song to learn Spanish vocabulary for Valentine’s Day.

Today I’m in a bit of a romantic mood.  Let’s get a head start on Valentine’s Day with a love song written and performed by Latino musical favourite, Juan Luis Guerra.  Frío Frío is wonderfully poetic in its description of love.  Love can run hot like the waters of a fountain or as cold as the waters of a river; in both instances, it is a powerful force. highlights this absolutely gorgeous metaphor about holding on to love:

Tu amor lo guardo dentro de mis ojos
como una lagrimita
y sin lloro para que no salgan
tus besos de mi vista

“I keep your love in my eyes, like a little tear, without letting it drop, so that your kisses are always in my sight.”

How delightfully poetic!

Here’s the song being performed live by Juan Luis Guerra.  This version was also released as a single.  It was recorded live and features Romeo Santos.

Las Letras

frio frio lyrics

And here is a recording of Frío Frío with the lyrics scrolling.

Suggested Listening Activity

As I mentioned, it’s Valentine’s Day soon so perhaps we can look at some words of love…

amor love
tierno tender
ardiente passionate
alma soul
corazón heart
beso kiss

Follow these steps:

  1. Listen to Frío Frío.
  2. Make note of each of the above words as you hear them.
  3. How many times do you hear each word?
  4. Check your answer against the lyrics.
  5. If you fancy some writing, try writing a short paragraph using the above words.
  6. Then, maybe, read it for the one you love!

Have a great weekend!


Beginner Spanish lesson for Valentine's Day using the song Frio Frio

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