Mirtha Michelle’s Let’s Live A Love Story

I can’t resist a love story or a love poem.  I came across Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol while browsing poetry by Latinas.  She is an actress, writer and poet; author of the best-selling Letters, To The Men I Have Loved.  Although born in the Dominican Republic, her family moved to the United States when she was five years old.  The passion of her Latin roots and her love for her first language, Spanish, is evident in her writing.

Today’s poem, Let’s Live a Love Story/ Viviamos Una Historia de Amor, comes from her 2015 book of poems, Elusive Loves/ Amores Esquivos.  This book is a bilingual compilation of contemporary love poems in which the emotional cycle of romantic love is broken up into seasons.  These poems journey through the birth and death of infatuation, lust, loss and love.


Let’s start in La Primavera (Spring) with this poem by Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol.

Viviamos Una Historia De Amor


And in English….

Let's live a love story


Ah, the beginning….



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