Reblog: A Week in Panama

The only time, so far, that I’ve been to Panama it was en route to Costa Rica.  I remember pressing my face almost flat against the plane’s window as I struggled to get a good view of the famed Panama Canal.  As I sat peering down at the isthmus that joins Central And South America I promised myself I’d return soon and give this place a fair share of my attention.  I haven’t been back as yet, but soon, I’m sure!

I did, however, come across this post from Living the Q Life that talks about the week they spent there.  I think it provides a very comprehensive overview of all the things you can do in the small central American nation, other than just visit the Canal! Please hop on over for interesting commentary and enticing photos!


We returned last night from our trip to Panama and it was definitely a wonderful experience. We will be providing specific details about the tours that we took and the sights that we saw. It is an interesting country in many different ways and we look forward to seeing how eco-tourism grows within the country […]

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  1. pick1solution March 18, 2019 at 12:08 pm

    We cruised the Full south to north trip of the Canal, in 2015. As we passed Panama City, wishing to dock for a day, I was intrigued by the multi-colored buildings. P.C. would have been a great city to visit. I guest, that at the time this was not a safe place for North Americans. I love your posts so keep up the entries.


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