Friday Canción: La Bicicleta by Carlos Vives ft. Shakira

Hola mis amigos.  ¡Es viernes!

Welcome to today’s Friday Canción.  Today’s song is La Bicicleta by Carlos Vives and Shakira.

You met Carlos in the last Friday Canción and we talked about the vallenato echoes to his music.  In today’s Friday Canción Carlos is joined by fellow Colombian singer, Shakira!  Internationally, she may be a little more widely known than Vives, but together they make a great team.  La Bicicleta is Shakira’s first collaboration with a fellow Colombian artist.  To celebrate their love for their homeland, La Bicicleta includes various traditional elements such as vallenato and indigenous Colombian wind instruments and accordions. There are also pop and cumbia inclusions.

Enjoy the Colombian collaboration in La Bicicleta

And with the Spanish subtitles courtesy JoseAguilarTV

Finally, with the Spanish subtitles and English translation courtesy Lirica – Learn Spanish With Music

Both Shakira and Carlos Vives come from Colombia’s Caribbean coast.  Shakira from the town of Baranquilla and Vives from the town of Santa Marta. The video is meant to showcase their home towns and to show off some more of Colombia’s culture, as the two singers take a ride along the coast.  It even includes shots from Shakira’s college.  The video was directed by Spanish director and photographer Jaume de Laiguana.

Here are some images from Santa Marta and Baranquilla.


Have a lovely Friday!

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