Fun Facts About Latin America (4)

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In 2018 tongues were set to wagging over the latest archeological discovery of more than 60,000 Maya structures, which included houses, fortifications, and causeways.  This discovery also indicates that Mayan cities were in fact inter-connected and not isolated units.  Read more about this discovery at

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  1. I did not hear about this, thanks for posting. It’s amazing what technology is enabling us to find out about these civilizations… same goes for Teotihuacan, where new discoveries about the tunnels under the pyramids have been coming out over the last few years.

    1. It is incredible. I’m always so happy at how much more we can find out about these civilizations to help build a more complete picture of what the cities must have looked like. Then, I get angry when I think of all the wanton destruction of those places during the conquest. But I’ll focus on the positive!

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