Highlighting Dali Rivera- an Anti-Bullying & Diversity Educator

One of the purposes of my blog is to create a deeper understanding of a region and multi-culture that I love.  For sure, I don’t know all of it and I enjoy each experience or article or conversation that brings new understanding of this very diverse region.  However, very often when we don’t understand someone or somewhere it’s easy to fall back on the stereotypes we’ve heard about the ‘unknown’.  We’re all guilty of  this in some way or fashion, some to lesser degrees than others, but we are all human.

I’ve learned and believe to be true that it’s easier to connect with people when we understand more about what forces shaped them.  I’d like my blog to help facilitate that process, and so I’m really excited to introduce fellow blogger and diversity campaigner, Dali.

Dali Rivera is an Anti-Bullying & Diversity educator who teaches people to prevent bullying by debunking stereotypes.  She has a website and blog over at DaliTalks.  Her content is truly educational, practical and inspirational.  You should definitely check her out.  You can learn more about her work and on-going project- Embracing Differences: Debunking Subconscious Stereotypes and Biases.

Go take a look.




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