MIRTHA MICHELLE’S Love Poems For Winter

I’m back to share with you some angsty love poems from Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol’s bilingual book of poems, Elusive Loves/ Amores Esquivos, which was released in 2015.

In the first post of this four-part series, I mentioned that these poems journey through romantic love by approaching the cycle through the perspective of seasons.  We’ve journeyed through the sweetness of spring, the intensity of a summer passion, the pensiveness of a cooling autumn and today we’re at the fourth and final season, winter.  Maybe the love has run cold.  Now it’s time to say goodbye.  But sometimes a little flicker of hope remains… maybe sometime in the future the frozen bareness will thaw and life will once again spark.

Winter… El Invierno


tan cerca y las estrellas


And the translation…

So Close and The Stars

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