Spanish Lesson 25: More Trabalenguas

!Hola mis amigos!

Welcome to another Spanish lesson.  Today’s lesson will have us wagging our tongues, twisting them into all sorts of shapes and getting our Spanish vowels loose and fluent. We’re doing more tongue twisters (trabalenguas)! You can check out the first five I posted here.

Trabalenguas are a great way to train your tongue, lips, teeth and other relevant muscles into the correct placement for better pronunciation and more clarity when speaking Spanish.  I’ve chosen ten more Spanish tongue twisters for you to practice with today.  Remember to take your time, read each word, pronounce each word slowly and clearly. Repeat. Repeat again. Try it faster. Try it faster still. Repeat!


We’ll start with a couple easier ones…

madre y hijami mama mimapoco coco

We’ll increase the difficulty just a touch…

paco pecoperro san roque

Smile. It’s time to make the “qu” sound!

image showing como quieres trabalengua on purple background

Lots of stories (cuentos) in this one…

cunado cuentas

And when you need to practice those rolling Spanish “R”s….

erre con erre

And we’ll close off today with three say tigers and three sad trapeze artists!

tres tigres

tres trapecistas

How do you feel now? Keep practicing.  Tongue twisters take work!

Happy practicing!!!

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10 thoughts on “Spanish Lesson 25: More Trabalenguas

    1. Lol. At least they’re more words. Not sure how much sense behind a couple of them but still fun to say… or try to say!

  1. The “Cuando cuentas” one was my favorite! All of these are good, though.

      1. Thank you so much for the trabalenguas! Mi familia y yo los disfrutamos muchisimo! Especialmente los niños!

      2. Awesome! Oh my goodness… I crack up every time I try them. Glad to bring a smile your way.

  2. Just what I was looking for! Thank you very much! There is one that I know by heart differently: Tres tristes tigres tragaban trigo en tres tristes trastos.

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