Reblog: Are You Fluent In Spanish?


How are you this lunes?

Today I’m introducing you to Sherica, who blogs over at Queen of My Blessed Home.  She asked me to share her language learning post with you and I think you’ll find it inspiring and practical too.  It’s all about her journey to learn Spanish.  Sometimes, it’s very useful to see how others have taken on the language learning challenge and what steps they took to achieve that goal.  In this post, Sherica explains all the tips, tricks and commitment she implemented in her personal journey.  Please click on the link, check out her site and read Are You Fluent in Spanish?


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¡Hasta luego!

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I am a Latin American Studies teacher, teaching Latin American History and Politics and Basic Spanish. I love reading, writing, teaching and travelling.  Travel over the Andes with me to explore the diverse culture of Latin America.

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    1. I do enjoy finding out about people’s language learning journeys. Always something new to learn and benefit from.

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