Laugh Out Loud Spanish Expressions. Learn them to show off your fluency!

25 hilarious spanish expressions

How can you not know a potato about these expressions? Well, I don’t suggest you go and throw the house through the window now to learn all about Spanish.  And put in your batteries so you don’t end up eating flies! No, I’m not going crazy here at Over The Andes, I promise! I’m just […]

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Spanish Lesson 26: (Travel) Clearing Customs

Hola mis alumnos, bienvenidos a la clase de español. Today you’re going to learn key words and phrases to use when clearing customs in the airport.  This vocabulary will be useful for your next trip to a Spanish-speaking country!  If you need a refresher, click over and review our previous lesson on At the Airport […]

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Connecting Through Cultural Diversity Awareness

I haven’t been posting on Over The Andes as often as I normally do because I’ve been working on some exciting projects.  One of those projects was a guest post for DaliTalks.  I featured Dali’s anti-bullying and diversity awareness blog a while ago, you can check out that post here. Dali and I ‘met’ while […]

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