Diego Rivera for kids- An Art Project!

Help your kids explore Diego Rivera’s art! It’s never too early to introduce some great art to children, especially if you can also teach them about another culture! Earlier this year, I found the book Diego Rivera His World and Ours by Duncan Tonatiuh. It was during the lockdown period and I’d already gone through all the storybooks on Latin American culture that I had in stock! Thankfully, I saw this one was available on Kindle and was even free for Amazon FreeTime subscribers. I grabbed at it, figuring I’d at least get a 30 minute story time with the boys and introduce them to the basics of this famed Mexican artist.

I was surprised by their overwhelmingly positive reaction to the book. Maybe it’s because the story starts with Diego as a child, maybe it’s the gorgeous illustrations, maybe my kids are just interested in art (they’ve never shown any indication as such, however) or maybe this book really is the perfect introduction to Diego Rivera for kids. Whatever the reason, they were keen to listen to the story, asked lots of questions and after we’d finished reading, they had me google pictures of Diego’s art. I was so thrilled by their enthusiasm… and their continued interest in Latin American culture!

Inspired by their excitement, I started creating some companion activities to go along with Diego Rivera His World and Ours. These activities re-enforced some of the historical and cultural details from the story; and taught them some new ones. My boys find it hard to sit still for too long, but after learning about murals and seeing the incredible works produced by Diego Rivera, they spent a few hours over the next week in their sketchbooks. After a very stern lecture that my walls are not free canvases for their imagination!

I’d like to share our enjoyment of this artist so, with some input from my little experts, I’ve put together a companion activities pack to go with Diego Rivera His World and Ours by Duncan Tonatiuh.

Get the package here.

These activities can be done at home, especially during the vacation weeks when we’re looking for ways to keep our little ones gainfully occupied! They are, however, also well-suited to classroom use (whether in-class or distance) as part of a module on Hispanic Culture. After reading the book (available for free on Amazon FreeTime) the package provides 6 different activities to help young learners become mini-experts on Diego’s life and art.

Most appropriate for children ages 5 to 10

Approximate time to complete the activities: one week

Activities include:

  • Customized Reading Journal
  • Companion Activity Book
  • Informational Booklet on the Life and Works of Diego Rivera
  • Colouring Activities
  • Mural Craft Project
  • Mini Spanish Lesson

Diego Rivera’s murals were of tremendous importance and value to Mexico. His pieces were displayed in public spaces and depicted the stories of the average Mexican and the culture of the indigenous peoples. These stories had been deemed unimportant for so long, but after the revolution of the 1910s, everyday Mexican life from the country-sides to the cities, and the people who lived those lives, were celebrated. Introducing children to the art of Diego Rivera, also exposes them to the rich history and culture of Mexico.

Diego Rivera art project for kids with a beginner Spanish lesson on colors too.
Diego Rivera Art Project for Kids with Spanish lesson

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