Latin American Celebrations: Workbooks for beginner Spanish Learners

Inside: Workbooks for beginner Spanish learners using Latin American celebrations.

Looking for information on Cinco de Mayo, Día de Muertos or Nochebuena? I’ve got you covered! You can check out the aforementioned links to find out how each of those festivities are celebrated in Latin America. For many Spanish learners, understanding the culture within which the language is spoken allows them to make deeper connections with the language. Exploring the culture within which the language is used also encourages more authentic use and helps learners retain key vocabulary and sentence structures.

Supercharge your Spanish language learning with these three workbooks on popular Latin American celebrations.

Spanish for beginners workbook - Latin American celebrations: Cinco de Mayo, Nochebuena, Dia de Muertos
Spanish for beginners workbooks

Discover the food and activities associated with Nochebuena (Christmas Eve). Find out the real history behind Cinco de Mayo. Understand the deep cultural and historical traditions associated with Día de Muertos. Each workbook takes the language learner through each of the festivities and focuses on thematic vocabulary words. Word puzzles re-enforce the vocabulary and the listening exercises use culturally relevant songs.

These activities are ideal for novice or beginner Spanish learners. Use them as part of your own language journey. They are also ideal for Spanish teachers to incorporate as part of a culture module and -with answers included- they are distance teaching ready. Access your workbooks now.

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Spanish for beginners workbook on Latin American celebrations.
Spanish for beginners workbooks on Latin American celebrations

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