10 Educational Cinco de Mayo Resources

Inside: 10 educational Cinco de Mayo resources about the history of the day, perceptions and some fun activities too!

It’s that time of year again when talk of Cinco de Mayo starts up. In some cases, the conversations and activities will be educational and will cover the true significance of the event. There’ll also be a proliferation of Cinco de Mayo themed advertisements for a wide range of products. In some places, COVID-19 restrictions will still limit the more traditional celebrations. Large scale festivals and parades may be on hold but it’s a good time to learn about the true story behind the occasion.

In 1865, with the French intent upon creating a new holding in Mexico, the country was in a state of unease. In one town, Puebla de los Angeles, Mexican fighters, led by General Zaragoza, were determined to protect their part of the country from the invading Europeans. They would enjoy an unexpected success that is still celebrated today. Check out any or all of the below links for more details about this amazing victory and what it meant then and now.

The History of Cinco de Mayo

The Battle of Puebla (A detailed account of the military process)

Cinco de Mayo history: Not exactly a Mexican import (The connection between Cinco de Mayo and the US Civil War)

A Tale of the Mexicans, the French and the Austrian Archduke

12 Lesser Known Facts About Cinco de Mayo

Videos for Cinco de Mayo

The Battle Behind Cinco de Mayo (8:30 mins): An animated account of the Battle of Puebla which succinctly explains how Zaragoza’s Mexican battalion defeated the French that day.

A Brief History and Facts About Cinco de Mayo (3:40 mins): A short video covering the key points about the French invasion in Mexico and the outcome.

Perceptions of the day

How Four Mexican-American Women Really Feel About Cinco de Mayo

Activities for Cinco de Mayo

10 Cinco de Mayo Activities for kids

Cinco de Mayo Songs (to practice some Spanish and learn the history of the day)

Cinco de Mayo Workbook (Beginner Spanish workbook with a thematic focus on the Cinco de Mayo story and Spanish vocabulary)

Hope you’ve found some ideas to enjoy an entertaining, informative May 5th using these educational Cinco de Mayo resources!

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10 educational resources for cinco de mayo
10 Educational Resources for Cinco de Mayo

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