Irregular Spanish Verbs Conjugations and Cheat Sheet

I love Spanish. I’ve been studying the language and loving the language since I was eleven years old. Admittedly, I was a bit different in the sense that I loved verbs and conjugations, something that frustrates many new learners. For me, I liked the formulaic system behind conjugations. We have our ‘ar’, ‘er’ and ‘ir’ verbs and each type has its corresponding verb endings. 

Just when I got the hang of that, my teacher shook things up and introduced the IRREGULAR SPANISH VERBS. What?! These verbs pay no attention to the formula and seem to exist in their own little bubble of chaos!

Spanish learners struggling with verbs
Real comments from Spanish students on verbs. Can you relate?

There is a silver lining though! Many of these irregular verbs are high frequency verbs – meaning they occur in the majority of everyday communication. What that means for a new learner is that if you master these commonly used irregular verbs, your level of Spanish understanding, and ability to manipulate the language, immediately increases. 

Ten of the most frequently used irregular verbs are:

  1. Tener: To have
  2. Ir: To go
  3. Hacer: To do / to make
  4. Ser: To be
  5. Estar: To be
  6. Dar: To give
  7. Poner: To put
  8. Poder: To be able to
  9. Haber: To have
  10. Salir: To leave

Of those ten, there are five (5) I’d like to focus more on:

  1. Ir – To go
  2. Ser – To be
  3. Estar – To be
  4. Hacer – To do/ to make
  5. Tener – To have

Getting control of these five to start will help you take control of your Spanish grammar. 

I’ve prepared a handy cheat sheet which shows you those five (5) most frequently used irregular verbs in Spanish. These irregular Spanish verbs are conjugated in the present, past, imperfect and future tenses.

I hope you find it useful! Here’s the link again to access it: 5 Most Common Irregular Spanish Verbs.

Irregular Spanish Verbs Cheat Sheet

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