Reframe Your Relationship With Spanish: Love the language journey

Are you ready to embrace and love your Spanish acquisition journey?

As a member of some awesome language coaching and language teaching Facebook groups, I’ve been enjoying resources that have inspired me to be creative and expand how I treat with language learning and teaching.

Being a Spanish student myself (because I don’t think the learning ever stops) I’ve been a very sympathetic Spanish teacher. No, I don’t give easy A’s! But, I do recognise some of the challenges my students face, especially the more introverted ones or the shyer ones. Oh, and I have a soft spot for the perfectionists. You know, the learners who feel afraid to speak up because they think they’ll make mistakes. I may have been one of those myself…

I’ve travelled a very long road with Spanish, and sometimes the challenges seemed insurmountable. There were even times I felt terrified of the language and of speaking it. I’ve had those moments where my heart was pounding so hard I thought it would jump right out my body; and my voice seemed trapped in my throat.

It was important for me to reframe my relationship with Spanish. I had to relearn why I was so in love with the language, and I had to learn how to give myself the grace to make mistakes. Once I was able to accept that it was okay (even after years and years of learning and teaching) to make mistakes, I could once again recapture the joy I felt in my early days of Spanish learning.

Back to the creative process. I created a special guide and workbook for Spanish learners who want a motivation boost.

This workbook is all about you. It’s about you and your relationship with the Spanish language. This workbook challenges you to reframe how you think about Spanish and yourself!

I did a similar exercise not so long ago and was able to fall in love once again with learning. I stopped feeling intimidated and started thinking more positively about my abilities. If you are feeling stuck in your language journey, try this out. If you like it, be sure to share it with someone you think will benefit too.

learn to love your Spanish with the free motivational guide and workbook
Pin It! Your Guide to Loving Spanish

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