Songs in Spanish for Summer

Inside: 9 Songs in Spanish for Summer.

As we head into the last month of northern hemisphere summer, I figured it was beyond time to finish up this post!

I’m off to the beach, with the family, later this week, for a final vacation hurrah. Soon enough we’ll be back to the grind of work and school – both on some hybrid schedules. Logistics will be fun next month… ah well! 

1. On the topic of school (and teaching for me), we have to start with Fin de Cursos by Parchís. Such a cute song performed by a children’s singing group from Spain in the 1980s. These youngsters are all too eager to be free of their classes and bask in their summer vacation… Back to it folks!

2. The nostalgia induced by that song is similar to the feelings experienced by Shakira and Carlos Vives in La Bicicleta. Go along with them for a coastal bike ride in Colombia, a place they both call home.

3. Of course, as we’re talking about summer, mention of the beach is pretty common. In Vamos a la Playa by Righeira, listeners can’t miss the v-e-r-y repetitive “vamos a la playa refrain”! Check it out to hear what I mean.

4. La Oreja de Van Gogh makes use of a few more phrases in their song La Playa. This is another one meant to inspire a feeling of nostalgia as it is dedicated to the Playa de La Concha, en San Sebastián, Spain where band members spent much of their youth.

Coastlines and beaches… and sun (sol)! The next few songs all make use of el sol.

5. Hasta Que Salga el Sol by Don Omar was the official theme song of Miss Universe 2012. It’s classed as Latin tropical pop and the beat is certainly dance inducing. Do as the song says, “dance and jump around”.

6. Rayando el Sol by Maná was the Mexican band’s first hit single and was released in 1990. It’s, naturally, a favourite of the band’s and is an excellent song to practice your Spanish. Okay, so it’s about a lost love but still… gorgeous lyrics!

7. Maybe you’d prefer to spend your summer in love. Well then, give El Verano by Dulce Maria a try. I love the slower yet still upbeat tempo of this song. It’s fun, light-hearted and perfect for idyllic summer days.

8. Ready for some J. Lo? Check out El Mismo Sol by Alvaro Soler and J. Lo. Admittedly, this one is more Spanglish than Spanish… but that’s okay!

9. This last one is completely cheeky and has little more to do with summer than the fact that the official video is set on the Samana El Portillo beach in the Dominican Republic. BUT… it’s by Enrique Iglesias and you know I can never resist… Here’s Me Pase by Enrique Iglesias featuring Farruko.

If you’re learning Spanish, check them out and find one or two to listen to repetitively until you can recognize the letras (lyrics). I’d recommend Rayando el Sol and El Verano in particular for their slower, clear lyrics. 

I hope you find a few songs you can add to your summer playlist.

Living on the B Side

 Now I’ve got a GREAT suggestion for anyone who loves podcasts and music: A podcast all about music! Living on the B Side is hosted by the lovely and inspiring Birgit Livesey.

In every episode she covers a song or song-related topic that has impacted her in some shape or form. She also talks to individuals about their own experiences with music and how they see it impacting their lives.

Then she shares some ideas, tips and information around how you can start to consciously use music more in your life.

I was interviewed by Birgit in July and would love to share the episode with you. We spoke a lot about the value of music in language learning and how it’s a brilliant bridge into new cultures. Click here for the episode.

Hope you enjoy!

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