6 Songs of Encanto in Spanish

I know, it’s been out almost a year now but still…….

My current favourite movie: ENCANTO!

This is one bandwagon I am proud to be on. I LOVE that Disney movie.

Admittedly, I’ve always been a sucker for Disney movies. Can’t say I’m any good at music but the songs get me every time. So it’s little wonder that Encanto, with its amazing soundtrack, still has me entirely charmed. I’m willing to bet several of you feel the same way.

While I might have felt a bit dodgy watching the movie on repeat, I had the benefit of having a six year old who has no such qualms. He watched the movie almost every day for months! He’s even started searching music videos and ‘backstory’ videos on YouTube. I’m loving it! Up to now, all I have to do is mention the word “Encanto” or start singing one of the songs and soon enough, he’s pulled it up to watch!

I’m trying to capitalise on his interest in the movie by getting him to listen to the songs in Spanish. My favourite song of the whole movie is Dos Oruguitas. I may have cried a couple of times… maybe… not confirming… It’s wonderfully atmospheric and tells a deeper story, if you know a bit about Colombia’s history.

Actually, in one of our Intermediate Spanish Fun With Media classes, earlier this year, we did a study of the song and its symbolism and relevance to Colombian history (and current affairs). I haven’t had that much fun in a class in a long time and, even better, my learner felt the same!

All of this focus on the music of Encanto, got me itching to compile a list of the songs available in Spanish. I’m super excited to share that list with you!

The Songs of Encanto in Spanish

We’ll start with the two that are already in Spanish in the movie.

1. Colombia Mi Encanto

If I start gushing about every song on this list, I’ll never finish writing this post. Suffice to say I was even more excited when I realised Colombia Mi Encanto is sung by another favourite of mine, Carlos Vives.

Video clip from the movie:

Full song audio:

2. Dos Oruguitas

Nominated for a Golden Globe Best Original Song, this song, to me, is the most beautiful of all. I may have a few extra options here for you..

Spanish Audio Only:

Spanish Audio with Letras:

Clip from Encanto:

3. En lo Profundo (Under the Surface)

Luisa’s song is easily my son’s second favourite song from the movie. (We don’t talk about his favourite ?)

Spanish audio only:

Video con letras:

4. ¿Será Inspiración? (What Else Can I Do?)

Sister Isabela gets her own song which shows us how much pressure she too has felt to be “the perfect one”. I could’t help imaging how this number might be portrayed in a live show… Flores anyone?

Audio with letras and lyrics:

5. La Familia Madrigal

The opening song sets the scene, letting us know all about the magical Madrigals and what each member can do. Apparently, it’s especially reflective of writer-producer Lin-Manuel Miranda’s style. La Familia Madrigal also features a small stanza that is said to be the fastest singing ever in a Disney song… I’m sure you’ll recognise it when you hear it.

Video with letras and English translations:

6. No Se Habla de Bruno

Who would have thought this song would take the world by storm the way it did? Certainly not Bruno… although that’s a bit ironic! And neither did the movie’s producers. But there you go… sometimes it’s impossible to predict just what will resonate with viewers.

Spanglish movie video clip:

Spanish Audio only:

That’s about it for now.

Okay, what’s your favourite song from the movie? And, please, let me know I’m not the only one who is still obsessed with Encanto?!

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  1. ambroseandelsie August 17, 2022 at 11:18 pm

    I love Dos Oruguitas! First time I heard it, I thought it was an authentic Spanish folk song that they were using for that scene. It has that feel and sound to it. So, I was completely floored when I found out that it was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda for the movie.

    It’s such a beautiful song. ?


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