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I’m a lecturer in Latin American History, Politics and basic Spanish, and a mother to three little boys. At Over The Andes, I share my passion for cultural appreciation, especially my love for Latin American culture. You’ll find posts on books, culture, education, travel, food, etc. all related to Latin America. Subscribe and join us to explore this fascinating region together.

Semana Santa in Latin America – Awesome Easter Traditions

Semana Santa in Latin America is an incredible affair. The week immediately precedes Easter and is observed through an array of events. In this predominantly Catholic region, celebrating the life, death and resurrection of Jesus…

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Valentine’s Day in Latin America – Celebrate Love, family and Friends!

Valentine’s Day in Latin America isn’t very different from celebrating in the United States. However, in some countries the sentiment may be slightly different and more all-encompassing. In other places, the idea of Valentine’s Day…

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Is Spanish the Most Popular Language Spoken in South America? | Fun Facts About Latin America (11)

Fun Facts about Latin America continues today with what might sound like a trick question. Is Spanish really the most popularly spoken language in South America? I know, I know, you want to shout at…

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