Nochebuena celebrations in latin America

Nochebuena Celebrations in Latin America

Nochebuena celebrations are no joke in Latin America. Here, fun is serious business! Nochebuena literally translates to ‘good night’ and is the Spanish expression for Christmas Eve. It is a major festive celebration within Latin American culture. For many, December 24 is a much bigger event than December 25. In fact, Christmas Eve is the […]

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Christmas Traditions in Latin America

Latin American Christmas Traditions in the Sun

Latino Christmas Are you ready for your Christmas celebrations? I’m slowly but surely getting there. Today, I want to share with you some Christmas traditions in Latin America. I love the charm and crisp beauty of a white Christmas. Songs and poems and even movies pay homage to that imagery, after all. While the sentiments […]

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Think you know potatoes???     Chile and Peru both battle it out to be known as the birthplace of the potato.  There is, however, scientific evidence that potatoes were domesticated as early as 10,000 years ago in the High Andes of southeastern Peru and northwestern Bolivia. Check out this link to Lima Easy to […]

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10 Traditional Latino and Caribbean Christmas Foods… and drinks!

Feliz Navidad! 12 more days to December 25th!!!!!  Are you getting ready? Are you actually ready?  Wow and hats off to you, if you are! There are lots of things I love about this season and over the next couple of weeks I’ll share some of them, but, for today, I’m going to talk about […]

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