Semana Santa in Latin America – Awesome Easter Traditions

Semana Santa and Easter traditions in Lating America

Semana Santa in Latin America is an incredible affair. The week immediately precedes Easter and is observed through an array of events. In this predominantly Catholic region, celebrating the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is a rich annual tradition. Not all customs associated with the observance are religious, and for those not engaging […]

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Is Spanish the Most Popular Language Spoken in South America? | Fun Facts About Latin America (11)

Fun Facts about Latin America continues today with what might sound like a trick question. Is Spanish really the most popularly spoken language in South America? I know, I know, you want to shout at me, “Of course it is!” Out of 422 million people in South America, 210 million speak Spanish and 206 million […]

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With over 3000 km of coastline, Colombia has hundreds of beaches to delight locals and tourists alike. Check out The Crazy Tourist‘s guide to the best beaches in Colombia: 15 Best Beaches in Colombia. One famous Colombia native (hint: Shakira) hails from one of the largest coastal cities in the country: Barranquilla! Would you like […]

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Brazil Fun Fact

Size is relative… All the countries in the European Union could fit twice into Brazil. Brazil is even larger than Australia. It is a bit smaller than China and the United States. Learn more about the 100 largest countries in the world (by area) here. Would you like to read more fun facts about Latin […]

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12 Lesser Known Facts About Cinco de Mayo

facts about cinco de mayo

Let’s get to some facts about Cinco de Mayo. Firstly, it’s not Mexican independence but it does celebrate another victory of the Mexican spirit over the binds of European colonialism. Its origins are found in the Battle of Puebla (de los Angeles) of 1862. During that battle, a small, poorly armed and far less experienced […]

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Chile Wine Fun Fact

Chile may be considered “New World” and the popularity of its wines may have only exploded internationally in “recent” years. However, grapevines for use in winemaking were planted hundreds of years ago. Learn about how Chilean grapevines escaped a dreaded disease in the 1800s, and how the country is thus home to some of the […]

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Feliz Día de Muertos

Feliz dia de los muertos

Day of the Dead celebrations centre around the belief that, for this day, the souls of beloved departed can return.  It is a belief that is steeped in tradition, history, religion and culture and is another example of the syncretism that bound new and old world values together.  Although celebrations to honour souls of the […]

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10 Facts About The Andes and Amazon of South America|

Andes-Amazon Facts

Check out these awesome facts about South America’s Andes mountains and the Amazon. There’s also a great project included to help young learners discover more about the geographical features of the continent. The Andes Mountains make up the longest mountain range in the world. Running from north to south, the range creates a mountainous spine along the western […]

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  El ecuador: The equator The equator runs right through the country of Ecuador.  To celebrate this circumstance of nature, the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo monument was built on the location where the equator supposedly lies.  Read more about the monument, and the place where you can stand in two hemispheres at the same time, by clicking […]

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  At only 21,041 sq km, El Salvador is the smallest country in all of Latin America.  Unlike several of its neighbours, it has just one coast.  The nation is so tiny that it could fit inside the US state of Massachusetts, which in only number 44 in a list of US states by size.  […]

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