The Beginner Spanish Experience

The Beginner Spanish Experience - a confidence and culture building program fro beginner spanish learners

The Beginner Spanish Experience is a unique 8-Week program ideal for the highly motivated, culturally inquisitive beginner Spanish language learner.

By the end of the eight weeks you will be confidently communicating in Spanish with the Spanish-speakers in your life.  You will achieve the necessary motivation and knowledge through…

The 3-C Approach to Spanish Learning


The 3-C approach is the foundation you need to move from intimidated to confidently using Spanish language and culture to forge deeper connections with your Spanish-speaking loved ones and community members.

The program runs from August 19 to October 10, 2021.

For more details visit The Beginner Spanish Experience page.

Loving Your Spanish: Language Challenge

“Loving Your Spanish” is a five-day challenge experience for beginner Spanish learners. It’s designed to take you from struggling to ready to love, learn and use the language.

The challenge runs from August 2 – 6, 2021 only.

Here’s what you get during the challenge:

  • Welcome email with the updated Loving Your Spanish motivational workbook
  • Access to a private pop-up Facebook group for the challenge duration (Aug 2-6)
  • Daily emails and Facebook videos with specially curated and created materials for each day’s activity
  • Exclusive access to a live 30-minute Spanish lesson.
  • COST: 20USD