Guest Bloggers


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To my fellow Bloggers,

This is an open invitation to guest post here at Over the Andes.


Topics should be related to at least one of the following:

  • Latin American Culture
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Hispanic/ Latin American literature including book reviews
  • Latin American history
  • Latin American geography
  • Latin American travel
  • The Caribbean
  • Education
  • Language teaching
  • Language learning
  • Photography of related content
  • Fiction writing with related content

If you have a suggestion for another topic (that is relevant to this blog), just send me a message and let’s chat.


General Guidelines for Guest Blog Posts:

  • Word count: 750-1500 words.
  • Please limit use of links.  No more than 5 self-promotional links within the post text.  No affiliate links.
  • Please do include links to reference sources where necessary, however.
  • Original content please.  If you just want a reblog of a favourite post, we can discuss that separately.
  • Please submit post in a word document for easiest transfer of formatting.
  • If submitting photos, please ensure you have the right to use them.
  • Please include a short bio you would like to share about yourself and links to whichever social media accounts you’d like to share.




I look forward to having you!