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Welcome to Over The Andes, where love for Latin American culture meets the pursuit of Spanish language acquisition.

Would you like to be a better global citizen? Are you looking to expand your space in this world through learning new languages (like Spanish) and exploring Latin American culture? Well then, you and I may have a bit in common.

Some many moons ago, when I was a precocious teenager, I met a cute Cuban boy who spoke Spanish. Of course, I wanted to impress him, so I figured it was a good idea to learn some Spanish. Thankfully, my ambitions evolved beyond that and soon I realised I loved learning about new cultures and Spanish language was a tool I could use in my explorations.  Fast forward a few years, I walked into a college adviser’s office and said, “I have no idea what I’m here to study.” I liked Spanish and French but didn’t want to do a language degree. My college had just that year opened up a degree programme in Latin American Studies and was targeting students with a Spanish language background. I signed up for the programme and thus intensified my love affair with the region. Now, I teach Latin American History, Politics, and basic Spanish at a small college where I can share what I’ve learnt about the cultural diversity of the region.

I share my passion for cultural appreciation and cultural empathy, outside the classroom too. At home, I’m a mother to three little boys who are slowly but surely learning Spanish and about Latin American culture. At Over The Andes, I connect with a slightly older audience. You’ll find posts on books, culture, education, travel, food, etc. all related to Latin America. Subscribe and join us to explore this fascinating region together.

My mission is to embolden the culturally inquisitive beginner Spanish language learner.

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