Children’s books set in Latin America

Children's books set in latin america

Children’s books set in Latin America are great to introduce younger ones to the cultural diversity of the region. They’re also fantastic to provide adults with a little peep into the history and legends of Latin America. I’ll readily admit to learning more from reading some of these stories with my children. Hispanic Heritage Month […]

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6 Children’s Books (Spanglish)

Not that these books are written in ‘Spanglish’!  These six books are written in Spanish and English or Spanish only, but I also have the English version. I’ve been trying to teach my sons Spanish since they were born.  As little babies I’d sing nursery rhymes to them in Spanish, play games like 5 cochinitos […]

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Celebrate “EARTH DAY” with a FREE Award-winning Monarch Butterfly Adventure eBook from Bette A. Stevens, Maine author/illustrator

Not much time left for this fantastic offer to celebrate Earth Day.   Originally posted on Bette A. Stevens, Maine Author: DOWNLOAD your (Free April 21 & 22) copy of AMAZING MATILDA, the award-winning monarch butterfly picture book today at YOUR AMAZON What is Earth Day? Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22 with […]

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