12 Lesser Known Facts About Cinco de Mayo

12 Lesser Known Facts About Cinco De Mayo

Let’s get to some facts about Cinco de Mayo. Firstly, it’s not Mexican independence but it does celebrate another victory of the Mexican spirit over the binds of European colonialism. Its origins are found in the Battle of Puebla (de los Angeles) of 1862. During that battle, a small, poorly armed and far less experienced […]

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Friday Canción: Cinco de Mayo Songs

Hola, Otra vez es viernes.  And it’s also almost May 5th once again.  You remember the significance of Cinco de Mayo, right? It was the day in 1862 when a small, armed Mexican battalion faced off against the larger and stronger, invading French forces under the command of Napoleon III.  The steadfast determination of the […]

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Cinco de Mayo: A story of the Mexicans, the French and the Austrian Archduke

  This weekend, many of Mexican origin and descent will celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  It is a holiday in, Puebla, Mexico.  There will be beers, tequila, margaritas and food galore.  There will be parties celebrated in homes and in bars, on the streets and in squares.  But what’s the reason for these celebrations?  Why is […]

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