The Afro-latino experience: a list of 15 useful resources

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The Afro-Latino experience isn’t one that gets enough attention when we speak about Latin American culture, yet it is a major facet of the region and evidence of a diaspora intrinsically linked to the colonial slave trade. Latin America is a diverse region. The diversity is seen in its geography, flora, fauna, languages, culture, history […]

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A story of one school’s efforts to assist young people fleeing violence in Central America

The Hechinger Report is a nonprofit, independent news organization focused on inequality and innovation in education.  It is staffed by talented and committed reporters and editors who collect data, research and stories from classrooms around the U.S. and share them with the public. Their ultimate goal is to explain how education can be improved and why it matters.  As […]

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Hispanic and Latino: What’s the difference?

You’ve heard the terms Latin American, Hispanic and Latino.  Some might believe that they’re pretty much the same… they are NOT.  So what is Latin America? And where does the term “Hispanic” fit in? Take a look at this… A Haitian or person of Haitian descent can be called a Latin American.  A Brazilian or […]

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