The Good Stuff (because there are bright spots too)

The Good Stuff and bright spots in the midst of COVID-19

Even in the midst of the COVID-19 stress, there is good stuff and bright spots to each and every day. These may be unprecedented times and we’ve all seen the worrying news reports, the statistics and the concerns for our future. We’ve also enjoyed (to some extent) the memes, the jokes and the efforts many […]

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Spanish Lesson 25: More Trabalenguas

!Hola mis amigos! Welcome to another Spanish lesson.  Today’s lesson will have us wagging our tongues, twisting them into all sorts of shapes and getting our Spanish vowels loose and fluent. We’re doing more tongue twisters (trabalenguas)! You can check out the first five I posted here. Trabalenguas are a great way to train your […]

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SPANISH LESSON 17: Trabalenguas

!Hola mis amigos! It’s time for another Spanish lesson.  Today’s lesson involves you doing a lot of talking… or rather, sound making!  We’re doing tongue twisters.  The Spanish words for it is trabalenguas, which roughly translates to tongue work… and we’ll most certainly be working those tongues. I will warn you that these aren’t the […]

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