Nochebuena celebrations in latin America

Nochebuena celebrations are no joke in Latin America. Here, fun is serious business! Nochebuena literally translates to ‘good night’ and is the Spanish expression for Christmas Eve. It is a major festive celebration within Latin American culture. For many, December 24 is a much bigger event than December 25. In fact, Christmas Eve is the […]

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Christmas Traditions in Latin America

Latin American Christmas Traditions in the Sun

Latino Christmas Are you ready for your Christmas celebrations? I’m slowly but surely getting there. Today, I want to share with you some Christmas traditions in Latin America. I love the charm and crisp beauty of a white Christmas. Songs and poems and even movies pay homage to that imagery, after all. While the sentiments […]

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Día de las Velitas and other Christmas Traditions in Colombia

On the night of December 7, every year in Colombia, across towns, cities and country-sides, people go into the streets filling them with lights… millions of candles, in fact.  This is how they celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception of the virgin Mary. It is a very colourful affair. Multicoloured candles and lanterns decorate […]

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FRIDAY CANCIÓN: Christmas Songs

6 Christmas Songs from Latin America

Hola mis amigos.  Es viernes de nuevo.  Welcome back to my Friday Canción feature. Christmas music is another fun part of the season.  Today’s Friday Canción celebrates some fun Latino/ Hispanic Christmas songs. I’m sure you all know the iconic song “Feliz Navidad” but in case you don’t, I’ve included it too.  There are so many more to share […]

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