Bring The Romance Back To Date Night...

Using Spanish!

Spice up your date night with the Spanish romance language & bring the connection back… like when you first started dating!

What you'll learn:


How To Rekindle The Romance

Get your partner to treat you like they did when you first started dating. Recapture the excitement, fun and romance of the early days. Reconnect with each other on the soul level. 


How To Plan The Perfect Date Night

You’re tired of the same thing every time. You’ve been stumped for an inspired plan for your next date night… problem solved! Find out how to set the perfect mood, build the anticipation, and even infuse some Latin flair into your night!


How To Express Your Love in English and in Spanish

For a successful Date Night, be open and proclaim your love for each other. You know how to say, “I love you,” in English… Let’s look at ways to express your heart’s desires in Spanish. 

Challenge Deets:

Runs May 25th-27th

This FREE three-day challenge runs from Wednesday 25 May to Friday 27 May. You’ll receive daily emails and videos and the chance to chat on the Language of Relationships Facebook Page. 

Access To The Date Night Checklist

Grab your copy ⬇️  of the FREE Date Night Checklist now. And… forward it to your partner too. Work on your Spanish and relationship at the same time! We’ll use this checklist during the challenge as well!

Hi, I'm Kim!

I’m a wife, mother of three boys and a teacher who helps moms bring the romance, fun and connection back to their relationships.

Pulling from my background as a lecturer in Latin American Studies and Spanish, I use my passion for cultural empathy to take Spanish learners from intimidated to loving language and culture. Women, especially in cross-cultural relationships, work with me to overcome communication and cultural barriers with their loved ones.

Challenge Dates

May 25th-27th