What Do You Want to Know About Latin America?

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I am a lecturer in Latin American Studies and enjoy learning more and more about the region every chance I get.  I’d also like to share this knowledge with others, especially those interested in diversity awareness.

Given what’s happening in the US with the influx of Central American migrants and the same in Trinidad (where I teach at a small college) with Venezuelan migrants and from my experiences in teaching about the region, I’ve learned and believe to be true that it’s easier to connect with people when we understand more about what forces shaped them.  I want to help facilitate that process.

As a result, I am building an online course meant to explore and celebrate the cultural diversity of Latin America. It’s not at all meant to be a psychological guide. It’s a cultural and historical insight into the region, designed to help teachers (or counsellors) understand issues that may have shaped their students’ experiences and relate better to their students.

Perhaps you, or someone in your network, can assist me?  I’m looking for persons who interact with a migrant population or who are interested in building diversity awareness.  Do these individuals want to know about the cultural/ historical background of these migrants?  If so, what sort of information are they looking for?

As I figure out what is the most pertinent course content, I’m willing to have online meetings/ email conversations with any interested persons.  I also have a short questionnaire (7 questions) I can pass along to anyone who’d like to share their thoughts.

Please let me know if you’re open to discussion. I’d love your input.

Here is the link to the questionnaire: https://forms.gle/x8xXZWQnYgstvUQD6

¡Hasta pronto!